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This isn’t journalism

AOL’s master plan for traffic and story generation leaked in early February before I was posting on this blog. But it made me angry so I wanted to come back to it now. You can see a lengthy powerpoint detailing … Continue reading

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Newsweek.com – maybe not as bad as it looks?

Mickey Kaus over at his new blog on The Daily Caller points out that newsweek.com traffic has suffered since the acquisition by The Daily Beast. Kaus thinks its bad business to kill off a valuable web brand like Newsweek instead … Continue reading

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The Daily Caller is Surging

Tucker Carlson’s DailyCaller.com has skyrocketed in terms of web traffic since its launch in January. Although still nowhere near its liberal counterpart, The Huffington Post, The Caller has close to a million unique users per month according to Quantcast. That … Continue reading

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Time Magazine has given up…

…on serious journalism and resorted to run shockingly anti-semitic headlines to boost web traffic and news stand sales. Today’s cover deserves to be republished in all its glory: Flip to the story itself though and it gets really bad. By … Continue reading

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