Worst foul ever and then 1.4 seconds later a new worst foul ever

Today, Butler upset no. 1 seeded Pitt in the NCAA tournament. I watched most of the game when I should have been working on my thesis. But the end of the game included the worst foul that I’ve ever seen.

Butler was up by 1 with about 2 seconds left having just hit a crucial shot to take the lead. The game should have been over, but then Butler committed an insane foul on Gilbert Brown just a second after the inbounds play. Absent the foul, Pitt had no chance of scoring. But now they had a decent free throw shooter at the line with two shots to win the game.

This has to be the worst foul in history. You’ve got the game won. Pitt can’t move the ball 90 feet in 2.2 seconds and make a basket. The only thing you’ve got to do is NOT FOUL. But Shelvin Mack just couldn’t make that happen.

But then a minor miracle happened. Gilbert Brown hits the first free throw to tie, but misses the second one. Butler rebounds the missed free throw under its own basket with less than a second on the clock. So, the game goes to overtime right? Butler escapes the horrible foul but has to play with a more talented no. 1 seeded team for five more minutes.

Except that’s not what happened. With 0.8 seconds left, Pitt’s Nasir Robinson fouls Matt Howard on the rebound. Shelvin Mack’s horrifyingly bad foul from a moment ago can’t even compete with this one. There is literally no way that Butler could get down the court in less than a second to put in a shot for the win. It’s not physically possible. But now Matt Howard goes to the line to shoot two shots, needing only one for the win. He gets the first one, and Butler wins in regulation. There are no words to describe how stupid a foul this was; I won’t even bother trying. Just watch the video and judge for yourself.

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