Worrisome news from Israel

Time via Yahoo news reports that “Israeli commandos boarded the container ship Victoria in the Mediterranean. Opening containers listed on the manifest as holding lentils and cotton, the Israelis found 2,400 mortars, 67,000 Kalashnikov rounds, and a half dozen C-704 land-to-sea missiles and radar systems to guide them. There were instruction books in Farsi, the language of Iran.”

This is just one of many recently intercepted weapons shipments being transported from Iran to Hamas and other terrorist organizations. A couple of comments:

1. This is one of several worrisome consequences of the revolt in Egypt. Hosni Mubarak’s government didn’t do a particularly good job of stopping smuggling into Gaza. Without a fully functioning government, however, enforcement has become even less effective. Additional weapons smuggling puts Israeli lives at risk. It also increases Hamas’ power as a spoiler of any potential progress in the West Bank. Progress seems unlikely at this point given the recent murder of Israeli settlers, but a well-armed Hamas isn’t a good thing.

2. It’s pretty inept to leave the Farsi language directions packed inside the containers of weapons if you plan to hide your role in the smuggling. On the other hand, everyone already knows that Iran supplies weapons to terrorists, and nobody has been unwilling to do much about it. Maybe Iran just isn’t that concerned about getting caught.

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