A VC Deck for the USA

Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins has put together a VC-style corporate deck on the United States government. The report is called USA Inc. and it’s available for free download here.

The whole thing is worth reading, but for those without the time to skim the full 250 pages, it’s got an effective summary at the beginning. The report doesn’t contain any particularly startling new information as long as you’ve been following the news enough to know just how insolvent our entitlements will make us over the next few decades. That said, the report has particularly good visual representations of data in graphs and tables. They make it quite intuitive to see the magnitude of the problem. Worth at least a glance if you’ve got time.

Update: The powerline guys have a long post abut the report that hits the highlights nicely.

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One Response to A VC Deck for the USA

  1. yahoo says:

    read the powerline post. will now download the whole report. seems like its worth reading.

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