Let’s call the whole thing off

The church in Florida has agreed to cancel its Koran burning scheduled for the 9th anniversary of the September 11th attacks after being asked not to burn the holy book by basically everyone.

But the pastor claims to have gotten a quid pro quo for calling it off:

A Florida minister who had created an international furor with his plan to burn the Quran on the ninth anniversary of 9/11 canceled the event under intense pressure Thursday, saying he agreed to back off after reaching a deal to move the location of a controversial mosque near New York’s ground zero.

Makes sense to me. We’ll call off our senseless provocation if you call off yours. Everyone wins! Especially the American people who can stop hearing about them on the news and pay attention to something else. But alas, it may not be so. The AP story continues:

The imam planning the New York mosque said no such deal has been reached.

This whole story still leaves a bad taste of majority tyranny in my mouth. Alexis de Toqueville and others warned that the uniform opinion of civil society could be as effective a censor as the coercive power of the state. He looks awfully right about this one.

Update: The Powerline guys make my last point a lot better than I do.

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