The Daily Caller is Surging

Tucker Carlson’s has skyrocketed in terms of web traffic since its launch in January. Although still nowhere near its liberal counterpart, The Huffington Post, The Caller has close to a million unique users per month according to Quantcast. That puts it in the same league with established conservative competitors like The Weekly Standard and The National Review. For a site that launched about 8 months ago, that’s pretty impressive. On the graphs below, you can see that the site has really taken off since it broke the Journolist stories that made big national headlines.

Perhaps more impressively, Tucker Carlson says that the site is profitable in a mediabistro interview. It’s hard to make money with original content and reporting, so kudos to them for making it happen. They must be selling ads at impressive prices if they’re sustaining a number of full-time reporters. Kudos to them for the strong work. Seems like there is demand for more professionally produced content on the right.

These graphs illustrate just how strong the growth has been.

Quantcast and Alexa traffic graphs:

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