Time Magazine has given up…

…on serious journalism and resorted to run shockingly anti-semitic headlines to boost web traffic and news stand sales.

Today’s cover deserves to be republished in all its glory:

Flip to the story itself though and it gets really bad. By paragraph 2 in the abridged online version (I don’t subscribe to Time because it’s full of drivel), Author Karl Vick has already resorted to tried and true Jewish stereotypes.

The truth? In the week that three Presidents, a King and their own Prime Minister gather at the White House to begin a fresh round of talks on peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the truth is, Israelis are no longer preoccupied with the matter. They’re otherwise engaged; they’re making money; they’re enjoying the rays of late summer. A watching world may still define their country by the blood feud with the Arabs whose families used to live on this land and whether that conflict can be negotiated away, but Israelis say they have moved on.

Fortunately, smarter conservative bloggers than this one have already done a nice job making fun of it:

Omri Ceren’s Mere Rhetoric has the best all around reaction and take down. He’s always good on Near East news and issues.

Ed Driscoll wins for pure mockery.

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One Response to Time Magazine has given up…

  1. commenter says:

    I hate time magazine.

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